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Stress And Anxiety | Finding Your Inner Calm

Stress And Anxiety | Finding Your Inner Calm

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Written by Ben Pollard

Coping With Stress

For those who deal with stress and anxiety, as you are already aware, it isn’t easy. Stress is individualised, therefore everybody deals with different levels of stress in different ways. The definition is fairly broad, ‘a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances’, therefore it can be related to numerous people. Whether it be work, family, friends or the generic boyfriend problems, take a deep breath and read our healthy living tips. Living a healthy lifestyle requires strength in physical and mental capacity.

Ben Pollard explains how he deals with stress…

I manage my own business, so as you can expect, life can get pretty hectic. Over the years I have adopted numerous strategies to help me deal with stress on a daily basis. For me, there are two ways. First things first, slow down! Our minds are constantly working overtime, overcoming obstacles in life can really influence our decision making process. Stay calm, slow down and think about what your actually doing. I bet that nine times out of ten we all forget something when we’re in a rush. Whether it be to turn the straighteners off, lock the back door or pick up your phone. My second ritual is to train, exercise and nutrition play the primary part in our health. Whether it be a jog around the block, a weight session in the gym or even a quick swim, focusing on a physical task can really help you forget your stresses.

Obviously it isn’t just me that has stress in life and i’m sure mine isn’t the worst. Therefore, i asked numerous members of society how they deal with their life stressors…

Louise McIntosh – Friend and fellow business owner

I tend to listen to my music whilst exercising, I find myself singing along, tapping my foot, generally enjoying that moment. I tend to get more out of my workout plan with an upbeat playlist, motivating me to ‘reach for the stars’.

A shot of coffee, whether it be espresso or a latte, they both have a positive effect. Half an hour before i train, a cup of coffee and sometimes a cheeky cookie always helps! Training 4-5 times per week can be intense and quite tiring with a full time job. I take a flask, a personalised mug and a note to myself: “Eat Clean, Train Mean’. I also use a well known technique, visualising. Running 10 km on the treadmill can be fairly boring, so i tend to visualise myself running a race, crossing the finish line and aiming for the generic ‘survivor selfie’.

coffee caffeine

Sam Proctor – Dartford Road Runner and TorqFitness Ambassador

Being an athlete, a working man and an ambassador can be stressful, or should i say IS stressful. I suppose my answer is fairly simple, i deal with stress via exercise. As an athlete, i train a lot and sometimes the training can become stressful too. Not beating my PB or even feeling weak really upsets me. Having a sprint or taking part in ‘boxercise’ is a great way to release stress and frustration.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels better after a bit of sugar in my system, a lot of personal trainers and coaches emphasise that sugar isn’t good for you. However, I disagree. I believe that the odd KitKat or Snickers bar can help you go nuts! Boost your blood sugar level, increase your energy and kick on! Whether it’s the gym, swimming pool, football pitch or even dart board- turn that frown upside down.

What’s better than pizza? Chocolate pizza!! Check out MyProtein’s Chocolate Pizza, treat yourself!

chocolate pizza

Training can be the best stress relief for anyone, whether you’re an athlete like Sam or a recreational gym-goer like Louise. We all have our own personal reasons and rituals for training, just some of us don’t know how to deal with our daily stress.

Competing or meeting deadlines can cause anxiety issues, no matter how severe they are- they re not nice experiences. Sometimes, even when we feel physically and mentally prepared for a scenario, anxiety can still occur. Whether you feel incompetent or self-conscious, dealing with anxiety is a must. Forget the past, whether you were a chubby child, skinny student or shy sally. Stop looking backwards and start looking forwards, you are the creator!

Panic attacks? Constant worry? Cannot sleep? You aren’t the only one experiencing these life difficulties, and nine times of of ten- there is somebody else worse off in the world. Calm yourself down, find yourself a hobby and keep busy. It doesn’t have to be sewing, knitting or cross stitch, you could take up zumba, yoga or even boxing!

fitness motivation music

Take Home Message

At the end of the day the only person that can get you round that course, through that last set in the gym or through that extra mile is you, so find out what works for you and reach your inner calm.

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Stress And Anxiety | Finding Your Inner Calm

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