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5 Benefits of a Breast MRI You Should Know


Life throws a lot of curve balls our way. They reveal themselves in a lot of forms, ranging from financial, our jobs, our mortgage, our insurance to relationship problems, is my partner happy, are my kids okay? .

However, none are more severe and pressing as health problems due to the threat they pose to  our lives and wellbeing , as well as the concern they cause our loved ones. Breast cancer is just one of those deadly diseases which commonly affects people, both males and females, across the globe.

According to the latest statistics as presented by the Australian government, it is estimated that 17,730 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed by the end of 2017; a majority of these cases (17,586) are said to affect Australian women as the disease is more common among them in comparison to their male counterparts.

Checking for Symptoms

Breast cancer is a serious medical condition which can take the life of the affected person if not treated in time and in the correct manner. So, if you have noticed something unusual about your breasts, such as swelling, pumps or redness, and have reached the conclusion that it is one of the symptoms of breast cancer, do not hesitate to contact your doctor right away.

Getting an MRI Done

Magnetic Resonance Technology (MRI) is just one of the many types of medical imaging techniques used by medical practitioners to view the anatomy and internal processes of the body for health-related reasons. It is the most favoured technique of radiologists because it has the least number of complexities and inconveniences associated with it.

Benefits of a Breast MRI

If you are wondering what makes an MRI the more favoured technique of radiologists as compared to X-Rays and CT scans, take a look at some of the benefits of a breast MRI;

  1. An MRI is termed as a non-invasive form of imaging technique which does not expose the body to high levels of radiation, which is not the case when considering x-rays and CT scans. Thus, it is the safest breast cancer screening method for women younger than 40 years old, as their breast tissues are more sensitive and susceptible to the harmful effects of radiation.
  2. MRI is more effective at detecting breast cancer and determining its current stage. Moreover, it is highly effective at detecting the disease in women which belong to the high risk group (i.e. those who have the gene, a family history of breast cancer patients, etc.). Mammography, another technique used for breast cancer detection, does not prove to be as effective due to its inability to detect lumps through breast tissue as well as implants which can be thick and obtrusive.
  3. MRI exams use a contrast material which is less prone to inciting an allergic reaction as compared to the iodine-based dye used in performing CT scans and x-rays.
  4. The diagnosis and findings presented through an MRI scan can pinpoint which type of breast cancer a person is suffering from, as compared to other tests which can provide unclear findings.
  5. An MRI is the most effective way to determine the affect of the treatment in reducing the spread of the cancer.


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