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Can You Name All 100 Cities in This Picture Quiz?


Unlock your inner armchair explorer with this engrossing dynamic, visual quiz. CurioCities has an enviable reputation of being the internet’s hardest quiz, it has been attempted by many but completed by a scant few. Hidden in this busy image are 100 world cities, each is identifiable by visual clues. Sound easy? It’s not; only 36 people have successfully completed the quiz from the thousands who have attempted it.

Many of the clues are puns on the name of the city, so make sure you have already had your coffee and are ready to start thinking laterally…

Those who successfully work out each of the CurioCities clues becomes a member of the illustrious CurioCities 100 club, and their name is placed on the wall of fame.

A demon in a sink? A saw with camouflage paint on it? A weirdly shaped swimming pool? Each clue is more testing than the next and this will certainly keep you infuriated for hours.

Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

  • 99 of the 100 clues are for cities that are home to more than 100,000 people.
  • Some images are attached to more than one clue
  • You can zoom in with your mouse wheel on desktop and by pinching on mobile/tablet
  • Your progress is saved once you login, so you can keep coming back if you can’t find all 100 in one sitting

If you are stuck on a specific clue, try tweeting your question with a screenshot and use the hashtag #CurioCities. There have already been many helpful quizzers who have guided people to conquer the more difficult clues.

ParcelHero have created this quiz, but reportedly even they have struggled working out each clue. Do you have what it takes to outwit the diligent quizmasters at ParcelHero? Best of luck and see if you can beat us to reaching the 100 Club.

You can play the quiz here: https://curiocities.parcelhero.com/


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