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Top 5 Things You Must Do When In New York City


New York is the most famous City in the world and it is no surprise why with countless attractions that takes the breath away. This magical place has been through alot over the years and no one will forget the devastating terrorist attack that brought down the twin towers. Nothing will keep the people down here though and if you’re lucky enough to visit, you will experience it first hand. It is what America is all about with stunning skyscrapers, amazing food and everyone in the world is welcome or used to be before Donald Trump was made the president.

There are so many things to see and do in New York, it is impossible to fit them all in over a weekend away. That is why I have put together this article so that you know the best things you must try to do while in this amazing place.

#1: The Empire State Building

One of NYC most iconic buildings is the Empire State Building and has been the center point of some of the world’s most famous movies such as King Kong. It used to be the world’s most tallest building and still to this day it a formidable achievement. You can climb the 102 floors or better still take the lift to the top floor where you will find stunning observatories where you can take in the beauty of this magnificent City.

#2: The Statue of Liberty

You can not visit NYC without checking out the world famous Statue of Liberty. This amazing building is the most iconic of all American buildings and its symbol of freedom is what the USA is all about. It is 305 ft tall and the best way to take in this inspiring monument is by ferry taking a trip to Liberty Island.

#3: The Rockefeller Center

America is world renown for its amazing TV show along with movies and the Rockefeller Center is at the heart of the action. With numerous broadcasters located in this huge entertainment and shopping center, it is packed with exciting things to check out. If you are visiting NYC during Christmas and New Year, this is definitely the place to go.

#4: Central Park

The hustle and bustle of New York City and be overwhelming when you first experience it. That is why you should put Central Park on your list of things to do. This beautiful 843 acres of natural beauty is the perfect place to unwind. If you want you can check out the zoo, horse trails, and waterfalls or if feeling active you can use one of the tennis or baseball diamond courts.

#5: Broadway

If you love musical theatre there’s no better place in the world to check out the latest shows than Broadway. You will find all of the world’s best-loved shows with spectacular acting and singing from well-known stars.


There are far too many things to mention that you can do in NYC. If you are able to be there a while I recommend that you check out, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, One World Observatory, Fifth Avenue, The Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Governor’s Island, Elevated Acre and Roosevelt Island.


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