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Airport Parking Life Hacks That’ll Save You Money


When you’re going away, there are 1001 things you have to think about, from airport parking to insurance.

It’s no wonder people often cut corners thinking it will make their life easier.


If you’re willing to do a little bit of research, you can save yourself a serious amount of cash.

Below we’ve outlined our four top tips to getting the best deal on airport parking.

1) Don’t Just Turn Up On the Day

This is probably the biggest mistake you can make! Since more often than not you’re able to arrive at the airport on the day and drive straight into a space, many people don’t think to book ahead.

But the problem with doing this is that you end up paying up to 60% more than if you pre-book. Because once you arrive at a car park with a plane to catch, they know that you’re unlikely to try and find anything cheaper and instead just pay the inflated gate rate.

Instead, add airport parking to your list of necessities to sort before you fly, along with insurance, accommodation, car hire etc.

That way you can compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Speaking of comparing prices…

2) Use a Price Comparison Site

Price comparison websites have obvious benefits, like enabling to see a selection of car parks for your chosen airport and easily compare their prices and facilities at a glance.

But that’s not all:

When you purchase airport parking directly with the car parks, they charge you full price or only offer minor discounts.

However, airport parking comparison websites bulk buy spaces at negotiated rates then pass on these savings to you.

So, instead of paying the full rate, comparison sites search the entire market and quote the best deals, meaning you’ll get anything up to 30% off while getting the full choice of options!

3) Look for an Independent Review System

Another benefit of comparison sites is that you can get honest feedback on the car parks you’re looking at, not just a bunch of fake 5-star reviews on the car park’s website!

However, watch out for airport parking price comparison sites that do the same thing — creating their own review system on their site so they can filter through good reviews and censor bad ones.

Instead, make sure the website uses an independent review system like Reevoo or TrustPilot as these cannot be manipulated and they tell a true story.

It’s your car, so it’s always worth making sure it’s kept safe and secure!

4) Find a Discount Code

So if you’ve used the previous tips, you should have already saved quite a bit. Well get ready to save that little bit more…

Many comparison sites give you an opportunity to use a discount or promo code to shave even more money off.

Head over to your favourite search engine and enter the name of the comparison site + promo code and see what you can find.


We found one company that ticked all the above boxes….https://www.skyparksecure.com/

PLUS, we’ve already done the legwork and found a promo code to go along with it.

Simply enter SteveSpecial in the promo code box and you’ll get up to 15% extra off the pre-book price. Remember the pre-book price is already up to 60% cheaper than just turning up on the day so this is a big saving.

We hope you’ve found these airport parking life hacks useful. Remember to keep checking back with us for more tips on modern day living.


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