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6 durable alternatives to Apple’s iPhone and iPad lightning charging cables


If you own an iPhone or iPad, it’s probably just been a matter of time before the lightning cable that you get from Apple has stopped working. And, if you travel with your charging cables, they might well have perished even more quickly. Well, don’t despair… there are some alternatives out there that will stand up better to regular use and here are just some of those that you might like to consider.

ToughTested Pro cable

Encased in a P.E.T polymer for abrasion and chemical resistance, ToughTested‘s braided cables are strong enough to withstand nearly anything. I just love these cables and even the packaging gives you the impression that you’re handling a quality product. Tested at 3-5 times the industry standard, the ToughTested Pro cables are long enough for an efficient charge and strong enough to last you a lifetime. All their cables are MFI certified by Apple and come with a 5-year warranty.


i10 Distribution lightning cable

The lightning cable from i10 Distribution is MFI certified and comes equipped with a steel housing around the chips for durability, something that you don’t see unless you take the cable apart. It was designed to combat the typical pulling stresses a phone charger endures. And apparently, this phone charger was the first to demonstrate its durability by pulling a full-sized car! The i10 Distribution lightning charger is 6 feet long, nylon braided, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Paracord Charging Cable from Dark Energy

The Paracord Charging Cable from Dark Energy was created to solve some problems for people using iPhone and iPad cables in the outdoors. Ingeniously, they made it waterproof, tangleproof, and useful. This 2 foot cable is wrapped in 20 feet of paracord to help protect the inner cable, but also to be used in survival situations for building shelters, making traps, first aid,  and so on. They are fully MFI certified and have a 6X stronger cable head due to their breakthrough dual-layer steel casing.


Lightning cables from Tech Armor

Tech Armor has some great cable solutions that will not only go the extra mile with you when you travel, but are reliable and safe to use. Their MFI certification guarantees the customer that the cable meets Apple’s performance standards. (If it’s not MFI certified, then when Apple releases a firmware upgrade, you may not be able to charge or sync your device properly.) They also all have great strain relief (without this, the cable can crack or fray which makes your phone susceptible for potential shorting) and are wrapped in a tangle-free, braided nylon jacket for added durability and style. They not only meet high-quality standards, but also backed with a lifetime replacement warranty.


Titan Loop iPhone key chain cable from Fuse Chicken

If you’re after a portable travel charging cable, then the Titan Loop from Fuse Chicken is a great solution. No more frayed cables or cords tied in knots, the lightning and USB connectors on the MFI-certified Titan are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. Fuse Chicken claim it’s “the only key chain cable that can stop a chainsaw in its tracks”!


Tech Candy Dynamic Duo

A bi-technical data sync and charging cable from Tech Candy that’ll save the day. Have you got both Apple gadgets and Android devices? The high-quality MFi-certified Dynamic Duo 2-in-1 USB to lightning and micro-USB data cable creates a one-charge hotspot for both. At the super-long length of 6’, this cable will even reach hard-to-access outlets behind your bed and under that pesky hotel side table. Aavailable in standard and metallic colors


Source: A Luxury Travel Blog


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