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What Makes Foxtel a Good Choice for NBN


One of the most reputed brands in all of Australia, Foxtel currently happens to be the talk of town as the news of the brands notable broadband packages surfaced. While Foxtel has always been considered to be the best when it comes to Pay TV and everything surrounding it, the brand has also been making headlines of their plans to offer NBN broadband services in recent times.

In simpler terms, NBN is the introduction to a whole new era of what is said to be the fastest internet speed imaginable for all of Australia. However, when it comes to Foxtel – a notable brand which previously only dealt with Pay TV connections – a large chunk of Aussies question the decision of the brand now dealing in broadband packages too.

How Reliable Is Foxtel?

The question on everyone’s mind at current is how reliable the brand is when it comes to Foxtel NBN broadband packages – not to mention how high-priced these packages are in general. Simply put, considering the previous history of Foxtel in the Australian market, there’s absolutely no reason for one to even think that the brand isn’t reliable. For a long time, Foxtel has catered to the demands and the needs of the general population, and needless to say, there are little to no complaints.

How Well Do Foxtel & NBN Go Together?

As aforementioned, the repute that Foxtel has built over a short span of time is more centred on their Pay TV services. However, when it comes to NBN, it’s a whole other game in a whole other industry. When one really takes the time to evaluate whether the decision to bring Foxtel onboard with NBN providers and services is legitimately good or not, it seems as though the company will certainly excel and flourish in this department due to their previous records.

With the NBN rollout going as planned, many can expect to have the fastest internet available to them in little to no time. However, with Foxtel onboard, many seem to be eagerly waiting to stream their Netflix shows effortlessly with the amalgamation of the two – Foxtel and NBN.

Are the Packages Too Restricted?

When the packages that Foxtel has in store for the NBN rollout were presented to the general population, a chunk of the people felt that the packages were priced a little too high and were restricting at the same time. However, this isn’t necessarily the reality. Although the packages are a bit towards the expensive side, they are certainly not restricting – considering that many of the packages offer unlimited internet access to the consumers.


With the NBN rollout in full operation, and everything going according to plan, the Foxtel NBN bundles are certainly worth considering due to the repute that the company has in the market – not to mention that this is also a worthy addition to the overall offerings by Foxtel. The bundles offered by Foxtel are ideal for people who are in search of a Pay TV plus NBN package. Thus, Foxtel is a great choice for NBN.


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